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Volunteering with Myco

Interested in getting involved with our mushroom farm? We're now open for volunteering!

At the moment, the best way to get involved is to an attend one of our open volunteer days listed on the events page of our website. Currently these take place on alternating Thursdays, but we are hoping to open up to some weekend dates too. These often book up quickly as our space is only small and we want to make sure everyone is able to enjoy their time at Myco - for first dibs, we'd suggest signing up to our mailing list.

The kind of tasks involved at the farm varies week to week but might include harvesting and weighing mushrooms, pasteurising and innoculating substrate, cleaning and tidying the growing chamber, drilling and preparing buckets or various DIY jobs. If you have any specific skills or interests we will try to facilitate these - however you can always guarantee there will be some mundane cleaning tasks to be done each week. Volunteer sessions are open to everyone regardless of your prior knowledge or experience growing mushrooms so we always aim to keep things accessible, explaining the cultivation process step by step.

After attending a few volunteer sessions with us, you'll be invited to join our volunteer Whatsapp group - this is for people who are settled into our space who are interested in helping out on a more ad-hoc basis.

Outside of our open volunteer days, we are also keen to work with people who'd like to support our project through skills such as grant writing and fundraising to increase Myco's capacity. If this is you, please get in touch!

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