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How to cook oyster mushrooms

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Moisture is your enemy when cooking mushrooms, so it's best to clean all mushrooms by wiping them with a kitchen towel rather than rinsing them under the tap.

Tearing the mushrooms rather than cutting them generally provides a better texture to the dish.

If you are sauteing the mushrooms, give them plenty of space in the pan to caramelise. Start out dry-frying them a little to remove any excess moisture before adding olive oil or butter.

Mushrooms are tastiest when browned and crispy. This is due to a chemical reaction affecting the proteins within the mushroom called the Maillard reaction. Sometimes this means mushrooms are best being cooked for a couple more minutes than you think they need.

Oyster mushrooms have a delicate umami flavour. If you want to showcase this then use simple seasoning, such as some thinly sliced garlic, a bit of kosher salt and a decent amount of freshly cracked black pepper.

Oyster mushrooms are best utilised in recipes that make the most of their amazing texture. Almost meaty in their chew, their gills are perfect for absorbing a depth of flavour through the use of marinades and sauces.

Have any ingenious culinary uses for oyster mushrooms or go-to recipes? We'd love to see them! Get in touch with the contact page on our website.

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